The joy of investing is getting an excellent delivery. The happiness on clients faces during Plot allocation at The Meridian Boulevard Estate is all we’ve ever craved. Here again is solid proof that we deliver on all our promises at Landmark Corporate Realty Limited.


Location: Abraham Adesanya Lekki Scheme2, Okun Ajah.


Lands available for sale:

300 sqm -24m (outright payment)
500 sqm- 40m (outright payment)


Land title: C of O


Properties available:

2bedrooms terrace+bq–46.5m
3bedrooms semi-detached+bq-56.5m
3bedrooms terrace+bq-51.5m
4bedrooms semi-detached+bq -67m
4bedrooms fully- detached+bq 79m
4bedrooms terrace+bq-61.5m


Estate Features

• Advanced home network
• Automated doors
• Distributed audio
• Advanced security
• Lighting control
• Remote access
• 24hrs power supply



• Abraham Adesanya Estate
• Inoyo Haven Estate
• Mobil Estate
• Atican Beach
• Miami Beach
• Barracuda beach


For more enquiries please call +234802 8636096 +2348161399018