Queens Park Estate 2 Mowe Ofada :

There is No Doubt about the Fast selling pace of Queens Park 2 after seeing the Development state and ROI on Queens Park 1. This another beautiful grandeur that is been release out base on popular demand. Our quest to ensure that everyone must be a Landlord no matter your income in a suitable and eco friendly environment.

  • Initial Deposit: None
  • One Time Payment
  • Save ₦300,000

  • Instalment Payment Plan
  • Initial Deposit: ₦200,000
  • Installment: ₦100,000
  • Duration : 12 Months

Location: Queens Park 2 Estate Mowe Ofada is located at Orile Imo, with less than 5 mins walk from Queens Park 1. Queens Park 2 is surrounded by several Residential Estate with occupants in those Estate.This particular Estate shares Neighborhood with International Breweries, Nestle Plc, Olam oil.

LOCATION-CORDINATES: 6.905146,3.536208